My trip to the vet, by Toby

A couple of days ago (I don’t remember when), I ate part of a plastic cup. I got part of it caught inbetween two teeth.

It hurt. A lot. Mom and Dad took me to the vet this morning. See how worried they look?

The vet took good care of me. They took out the piece of plastic, took x-rays to see if I have anything in my system that I shouldn’t (I do, but I think it will pass just fine), gave me some barium in case it DOESN’T pass and they have to do another x-ray, and checked my ears. I have a yeast infection in there.
So I have four different medicines (two for my stomach/mouth problem and two for my ears), special food for the next three or four days, and a $450 bill.
Mom and Dad really love me.
Now we’re going to visit Leslie and Bryan and their family at Indian Springs. Fox has to stay home.

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