Poppy Joy

Meet Poppy Joy and her parents Nathan and Angie.

Poppy Joy has trisomy-18. She was born today at 10:26 a.m. and lived for three hours.

I know of about 10 trisomy-18 families (all via the Internet, although I met Copeland’s parents at her memorial service). Each family knew of their child’s condition fairly early in the pregnancy. Each family chose to carry the baby to term and to trust God with the details.

What an amazing testimony. And what courage.

As I read about Poppy Joy’s birth and death to my husband, I started to cry. I cannot imagine this kind of loss. And while they would have loved more time with their precious daughter, they were so grateful for the three hours they had.

And I’m glad for them. And so unspeakably sad, too, for them, and for all those who have their babies with them on earth for just a little while.

Give your loved ones an extra kiss. I’m going to go up now, get into bed next to my husband, and do the same.

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