Sharing the crate

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Sharing the crate, originally uploaded by FlickrBugForever.

This is how much Autumn hates the vet: she’s willing to share a crate with a DOG.

For a delightful photo essay — and some cute pictures — click here. (I promise the rest of the pictures are better than this one.)

By the way, Autumn peed on me when I tried to crate her. I prayed that we’d be able to wrangle them, not that I wouldn’t get peed on. Asbury tried hiding in a drawer, but that was the third place I looked. Prayer answered. 🙂

Further answer to prayer: the cats are healthy, as far as we can tell. Almost $250 in blood work will tell us the whole story. (The whole bill was just under $500. Older pets will do that to what used to be a “cheap” vet bill.) The vet doesn’t expect any surprises from the blood work.

Hopefully, all will be well for the next year…

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