Blog365 infraction?

This occured to me this morning…

Both items I posted yesterday I’d written earlier. I am the one who actually “pulled the trigger” on the post appearing (as opposed to auto-posting), but I didn’t WRITE either of them yesterday (except to check for typos, etc.).

I’m not going to sweat it. I’d posted 22 posts as of January 9. But I wish I’d actually WRITTEN something yesterday. ::: sigh :::

But if I don’t feel well the rest of today (and “don’t feel well” is my current status, as was the case yesterday when I got home from work), I’m covered. 🙂

On to work!

3 thoughts on “Blog365 infraction?

  1. Nicole

    Grin, I usually post too much, but I try to dedicate 1 post to the day and tag it with bog365 and pic365, but I got totally screwed up with my pictures.My cameras date setting were one day late and you could see me making a pretty dumb face this morning ;)Nicole

  2. Maxie

    Your find… the blog365 rules say you can either post or write something on that day… it can just be a picture or anything…blog365 is super stressing me out. Like I’m good right now, but I’m just thinking about all the days when I won’t be around a computer and it’s stressful. lol

  3. Nicole

    Don’t stress it.They will come by and float by.I try to take a picture of something every day, just snap it and you have a backup post ;)Nicole


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