Thursday Thirteen Edition 3

(even though it’s Wednesday)Thirteen Things I have to do before leaving for my business trip (in no particular order)

1. Make a list of things I need to do before I leave for my business trip. πŸ™‚ I’m sure there are more than 13.
2. Get money for expenses.
3. Wash laundry.
4. Gather freakish amount of stuff from work that I’ll need on trip (business cards, flight info, schedules, etc.) and take it home.
5. Change outgoing message on work phone.
6. Put “out of office” message on work e-mail.
7. Pack.
8. Gather DVDs, portable DVD player, Flip, little camera. (These are important.)
9. Check to make sure I have appropriate cords, chargers, batteries for all my electronic stuff. (This is almost as important as having the electronics themselves.)
10. Get as much sleep as possible — it will be in short supply while I’m gone. (O.k., this is the most important. Forget the importance of the electronics, etc.)
11. Give cats and dogs extra cuddles. (The dog in the crate is Jazz, Fox and Toby’s best dog friend.)
12. Send parents (at far end of table) my itinerary. (They worry, you know…)
13. Keep reminding self that everything will get done both prior to and during the business trip.Can you think of anything else I should do prior to my business trip?

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11 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen Edition 3

  1. Nicholas

    Make sure someone trustworthy at home has a list of your credit card numbers etc in case you lose them (which of course you won’t).

  2. SJ Reidhead

    I think traveling was so much easier before modern labor saving high tech. I think it takes twice as much space to put in the camera, laptop, DVD’s, Ipod, speakers, XM, speakers….SJRThe Pink Flamingo

  3. Maria

    I am leaving for a business trip, too (soon). How about “run to Target for all those fun (but annoying) travel-sized things, like toothpaste and mouthwash?”Also, sign up for alerts if you’re flying. It’s essential for delays or cancellations!Good luck, and happy TT!


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