10 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday — cheerful yellow flowers

  1. Keera Ann Fox

    Nice photo! That’s the flower that looks like a dandelion but isn’t. I think it’s hieracium pilosella. The Norwegian name translates to “hair lift”. English name is Mouse-ear Hawkweed. (Er, what?) ‘Course, you have the Canadian/New World version.I can’t do Wordless Wednesdays. Wednesdays are when I’m at my wordiest.

  2. Rebecca

    Thanks, all… I’m glad to be here. :)Keera Ann… Thanks for telling me what kind of flower that is. I didn’t have a clue.Amy… I am sad to say I took that photo in October in Nashville, but spring IS coming. (Never you mind that it’s SNOWING now. In Atlanta. It will melt soon, but we had fun with the dogs.)Rebecca

  3. Heather

    Beautiful! And SO cheerful. Just what I needed today. ;o)Thanks for stopping by, and especially for your kind words. Have fun with future WWs! It can be addicting… lol


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