Thursday Thirteen: Edition 5

Thirteen Things I Found While Cleaning My Desk at Work Today
1. Encouraging Post-it note from a coworker. (Thanks, Jeri!)
2. Overtime approval form from the end of October.
3. Two Christmas cards from coworkers. Both had been opened and read.
4. A potential article with the topic of “rejection.” The note from my boss was to “reject” it. Ironic.
5. Two e-mails from Oct. 8. (This shows how long it’s been since I’ve given my desk a really thorough cleaning. I had taken care of the query contained in the e-mails.)
6. My long-lost staple remover. (How I’d missed it!)
7. An envelope that had been returned to sender (me). A note inside said the recipient hadn’t worked for the company since 1985. (It’s been awhile since I’ve cleaned my desk, but it hasn’t been THAT long.)
8. A note pad that’s been buried since just before Christmas.
9. Multiple copies of various items I refer to often. Apparently, I needed to refer to one of them, couldn’t find it, and printed a new one.
10. Labels that were to be put on boxes when our office moved – in September.
11. A million now-unnecessary Post-it notes.
12. My calculator.
13. The surface of my desk. It’s walnut-colored. I hadn’t remembered.

Sadly, I have multiple surfaces still to clean off. Today’s effort was the area where my keyboard, monitor, etc., live.

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18 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen: Edition 5

  1. SJ Reidhead

    Who opened the cards?No money?SJRThe Pink Flamingo one with the disorganized but ‘cleaned off’ work area.

  2. Natalie

    That sounds like my desk when I was cleaning it up because I quit (I quit because my husband got another job in another state and I was going to be able to be a stay at home mom…my messy desk had nothing to do with it). LOL!

  3. LceeL

    I just took a look at my desk — among other things, there are three boxes of disks and manuals for operating systems from computers we sold more than three years ago. I am such a pack rat. I am going to clean my desk – but it is going to take more than a day. Way more.

  4. storyteller

    I’m impressed you found only 13 things for I fear my list would be over a hundred (and I’m still working on my 101 Things about Me for my 101st post and don’t need THAT!!) LOLFun idea for a T-13.Hugs and blessings,

  5. Maxie

    I love cleaning out my desk because I find ridiculous stuff that i’ve been looking for. And… i have NO clue what color my desk is.

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