Not off to a good start…

I seem to have deleted my first official WordPress post.

So here it is again.

Apologies to Dawn who was my first official WordPress commenter.


(I can’t get a sticky note to work, so I’m dating this Jan. 31, 2009. Look below for new posts.)

(UPDATED: Now I can’t get the post-dating to work. I could get it to work yesterday. Who knew this could be so hard? 🙂 )

So how do you like the new place?

Pull up a chair. Make yourself at home! Leave a comment — or six. 🙂

I can’t wait to REALLY get to blogging now.

8 thoughts on “Not off to a good start…

  1. Rebecca

    Thanks, Maxie!

    Frances, this is a theme.

    Jared, I’m not getting e-mail when I get a comment or a comment that needs to moderation. Any suggestions?

    Lceel, I always appreciate your comments.

    All of you come back soon!

  2. Rebecca

    Jared, can I take you up on your offer to try to help? See in my Archives on my sidebar? I have a month January 200. This happened while I was trying to fiddle with my ill-fated first post. Any idea how to get rid of this “month”? Needless to say, I’ll never have any entries from January 200.


    Anyone else have any ideas, feel free to chime in.

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