Sick I am, so home I will stay

I am sick. I felt bad all weekend (stomach upset, headache, sensitive skin, a little achey). Heck, I’ve felt bad all YEAR (and for a few weeks of last year).

So I am staying home today. I am going to sleep, read, watch t.v… generally just REST.

I HATE missing work — especially since I’m so freakishly BUSY — but I figure I’ll be in much better shape in the long run if I get BETTER!

So get off the computer I must, so better I will feel.

My cell phone wakes me up speaking Yoda: “Get out of bed you must, or late you will be.” I must still have Yoda reverberating in my noggin. Thus, the Yodaisms.

8 thoughts on “Sick I am, so home I will stay

  1. storyteller

    Sorry to hear you’re sick. From experience I can assure you that staying home is a good idea. I caught this flu/cold bug early last week and am grateful to be over it today. I did almost nothing all week but sleep … finally ate a little chicken soup the last couple of days. It’s a nasty one! Hope you feel better soon.
    Hugs and blessings,

  2. Rebecca

    Thanks, guys.

    I’m planning on going to work tomorrow and have an appointment to see the doctor tomorrow late-morning.

    He will ensure that I am, indeed, going to live.

    But it’s definitely a good thing that I stayed home today.

  3. AtomiK Kitten

    Definitely stay home if you are sick. We’ve got a nasty flu bug going around our office. Even if I get it, I will still be going to work. It is spring recruiting season and I plan to take a week off in March.

    Feel better!

    – ak

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