Memories… light the corner of my hi-tops

Today as we were leaving Fort Yargo State Park, I noticed a girl on a park bench. She was wearing a pair of pink Converse hi-tops.


I owned a pair of pink hi-tops in 7th grade. 1988. I’d like to say I got them just for my church youth choir’s production of a musical called “HI-TOPS.” Actually, that MAY be reason I GOT them, but I wore them a LOT. I think I may still have them somewhere.

Anyway, I remember ALL (or at least almost all) of the lyrics in this musical. Twenty years later. (I’m not the only one. In researching this post, I found someone else who knows all these lyrics, too.) This clip contains the song, “Take Off Your Mask,” in which I sang a solo. Meg Manners, among others, also had a solo in this one. The clip is long, but the song starts very soon, if you want to listen to cheesy, but true, 1980s youth musical lyrics. (I probably have a picture of me performing in this musical. If I ever unearth it, I’ll scan and post it. “Late 1980s Rebecca” is quite the look. 🙂 )

Better than the musical, I remember the people I sang it with, the adults who helped us learn it, the week-long tour from Sandbridge Beach, Virginia, to North Charleston, South Carolina, we took to perform it.

I was also a part of the youth group at Bon Air UMC. Those years in Richmond and at that church were some of the best years of my life.

I haven’t seen many of those adults and kids since my family moved back to Georgia in 1990. But I miss them still: Mike. Tim. Katha. Cathy. Julie. Will. Fran. Jennifer. Jennifer ‘s mother. I could go on and on…

Instead I’ll just sing the lyrics to “Love Song for Two Nerds” in my head. (This could be Ed and my song; I just realized. And I mean that in a good way.)

8 thoughts on “Memories… light the corner of my hi-tops

  1. Rebecca

    Sarah, the compassion child banner is separate from the BlogHer network.

    There is a group of bloggers in Uganda for Compassion International. One of the bloggers on the trip (Shannon at asked us to put up the banner while they are gone. They return tomorrow.

    Sponsoring a Compassion child is on my list of “things to do.” I will sponsor a child from Nicaragua, I think.

  2. Debra Roethke

    You’d be surprised at how many times I’ve pulled that musical out. Late 80’s or not, it still has some cool music in it. I’m in my 15th and last year of children’s choir at West End assembly of God. I’m not sure what I”ll do next but my years of choir with you guys and my years with my babies at WEAG, I count as such a blessing. I just had the privilege of having Wendy WIther’s boys in choir for 6 months while they were home on leave from Cameroon. WHat a joy that was. Glad to hear you are doing well. Jen has a little 5 month old girl- Keeley, and Andrew has a 16 month old son, Brixton. Carl and I are having a ball! God bless.


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