Photo Hunt: Free


Fox and Toby at PetSmart

Here are Toby and Fox (click to see a larger picture). Now, between vet bills, food, and sundry other supplies, etc., they cost us a pretty penny, but we think “free” when we see them.

Fox was abandoned at about nine months old. He was left in the backyard of a house that backed up to Ed’s workplace. Ed says he may have seen the dog a couple of times in passing. However, one day, someone brought him into Ed’s shop. Fox looked at Ed and said, “You’re my dad. Take me home.”

Ed did, after stopping by PetSmart and leaving Fox in the car to buy a leash, collar, food dish and food (of course).

Toby’s human parents lived in Florida. They were getting a divorce, and the wife took Toby to a local kennel, because she could not keep him. She told the owner that she was looking for a home for him. The kennel’s owner called the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel club near where I live (in Georgia), and club members came and got him. Ten days after I expressed an interest in adopting a Cavalier, Toby became my dog.

So, in many ways, we set Fox and Toby free by becoming their loving guardians.

Ed got Fox in March of 1999. I got Toby in November of 2001. In August of 2004, Ed and I met at a local dog park. We started dating in July of 2005 and married on April 29, 2006. So in a way, the dogs made us free, too (even though we were both perfectly happy single until we met each other). 🙂 This picture was on the “thank you” page of our wedding order of worship.

Join the and show us what “free” means to you.

25 thoughts on “Photo Hunt: Free

  1. Mama Bear

    When I saw the photo, I thought, Free Ride! I loved hearing the story of how Toby and Fox found their parent and then brought them together. I rescued Smokey from the animal shelter. He picked me, too. He was the only cat that stood up at the front of the cage and let me rub his head without trying to bite. And when I took him out to hold him, he was so hungry for affection, he just settled right down. The others wanted loose. He comes to me every morning for his loving. He can hardly wait for me to get my cup of coffee and sit down so he can jump in my lap.
    Thanks for visiting me.

    Mama Bear’s last blog post..Saturday Photo Hunters/Free

  2. Misty Dawn

    Well – congratulations – this post just caused you to gain my respect, caused me to subscribe to your blog feed, and caused me to decide you are one of my new ‘buddies’! First of all, the photo just stole my heart! I LOVE that photo! Second, if you spent any time on my blog, you would realize that I am addicted to dogs and my dream is to run a dog rescue. Yes, I have three purebred Border Collies, but ALL three of them are rescues, as will be any other dog who joins my family for the rest of my life!

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