Weekly Winners for February 10-16


Almost sunset

“Dinosaur Egg” My husband bought this for me at the American Museum of Natural History when we were in NYC a few weeks ago. It lights up and changes colors when you “whack” it. Kind of silly, but I was proud that I managed to get it a) in focus and b) as a solid color.

From my hubby on Valentine’s Day


A self-portrait, hand-held, while my husband was in Chick-Fil-A picking up some lunch


Also taken by hand.


I called this “Toby’s fan,” because of the little girl who was loving on him. After the fact, I realized that his TAIL was acting as a fan. 🙂

Toby's fan

There was a malfunctioning sprinkler at the park we visited yesterday. This isn’t good in terms of the drought we’re having, but good for thirsty dogs. Fox drank from the sprinkler just fine. Toby isn’t quite as adventurous and said, “No, thank you.”

No, thank you.

I took perhaps a dozen photos of this pinecone. This is my favorite.


I like this one, just because. 🙂


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25 thoughts on “Weekly Winners for February 10-16

  1. cardiogirl

    I love that pine cone photo, so artsy and in color, too. It’s very difficult, as you know, to take an artsy photo that’s in color. In b&w everything looks cool. But color, that’s a completely different animal.

    Great job!


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