I see the moon. Does the moon see me?

As you may know, there was a total lunar eclipse last night. Fox certainly knew. When Ed took him out to pee and to give me a Lunar Eclipse Update, he howled at the moon (Fox, not Ed).


I love this one…

Full lunar eclipse

The bright spot on the left is Saturn. The bright spot above the moon is the star Regulus. i was SO excited to get all three of last night’s “main attractions” in the same frame.

Saturn, moon, Regulas

There are a few more “moon shots” here.

I’d tried a couple of times before to photograph the moon, with little success. So I am SO thrilled that I got these. Hopefully in 2010, the next time there’s a total lunar eclipse, I’ll have a better lens. 🙂

7 thoughts on “I see the moon. Does the moon see me?

  1. Mylhibug

    Those pictures aren’t that bad. Actually, they are better than the ones I tried to take (notice mine aren’t on public display). My wife’s Uncle is pretty much a professional photographer and I can guarantee that he only sent the BEST of his pictures.

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