Daylight Confusing Time

I have much more trouble with “springing forward” than I do with “falling back.” Or so it seems.

Therefore, I am renaming the first week of Daylight Saving Time (DST). It is now called Daylight Confusing Time (DCT).

Last night, I got into bed to read at 8:27 p.m. It felt both like 7:27 p.m. and 11:42 p.m.

Even the cats are victims.

Waiting for breakfast

Their automatic food bowl doesn’t know about daylight saving time, so the cats are eating an hour “late.” This picture was taken today at 5:47 a.m. DCT. Their food won’t dispense until 6:30ish DCT. Poor, confused, hungry kitties.

I LOVE the “extra” hour of daylight, but getting used to it is the PITS!

At least the clock in my car is right again. Well, “right” isn’t the correct work. It’s still broken, and keeps gaining time on top of being broken, but now it’s only a little more than 12 minutes fast instead of an hour and a little more than 12 minutes fast.

Yes, I think DCT is a good name for this week. Think it will stick?

7 thoughts on “Daylight Confusing Time

  1. lceel

    You’re not a bit ‘electronically’ challenged, are you? I mean, all you have to do is reset the time on the feeder. All you need do is change the time on your car clock. Don’t you have the manuals for those devices?

    Actually, I’m not all that “electronically challenged.” (I’ve NEVER understood why people can’t program VCRs, for instance. Or why their VCRs must always blink “12:00” because people can’t set the time.)

    The feeder is “directionally challenged,” as in the directions are nearly impossible to understand. My husband, who can do almost anything like that, struggles a bit, too. (Several people have posted “clearer” instructions on the Web for this particular feeder, but even those aren’t that clear. It’s just not user friendly.)

    In a week or so, the cats will adjust. Generally speaking, if they get fed every 12 hours, they’re happy.

    As for the car clock, the button necessary to change the clock doesn’t work. (I pressed it one too many times toggling between the time and the display for the CD player.) But before the Great Button Breakage of 2007 I changed the clock each time the time changed… and sometimes a time or two inbetween.

  2. Danifred

    I concur!!! And, our dogs also seem to be suffering… they start going crazy every time the time changes because their feedings have been disrupted!

    It’s odd, because the dogs aren’t bothered at all… at least not in the spring. I think the fall is a different story. πŸ™‚ They’ll write about it on their own blog come November. Kidding. πŸ™‚ )

  3. wani

    My husband has a sleep disorder that makes it so that he literally cannot wake up in the morning… so for us, this time change thing sucks! But in the fall its not as bad.

    I think, in many ways, the fall is easier for most…

  4. Treasia

    I literally laughed out loud spraying coffee onto my computer screen. so funny about the cats.

    Treasia’s last blog post..Where did the time go?

    Yay, coffee spray! πŸ™‚ I mean — I’m sure that hurt… but I’m glad you found it so funny. πŸ™‚

  5. cardiogirl

    I love the cats, patiently awaiting FOOD!

    I thought I was all badass changing the clock in my husband’s car. I thought it would have a dot with an H that you press with a pen. No. Turns out I had to pull out the manual and press the TIME button for not more than six seconds and then turn the dial to set the station. But I did it.

    So when I got in my van to do the same I’m pressing buttons, knobs, pressing buttons simultaneously all to know avail.

    Finally I pulled out the manual and guess what. In the van, it’s old fashioned. There’s a dot with an H that you press with a pen.

    FUNNY, CG. Thanks for coming! πŸ™‚

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