There are places (and things) I remember… and don’t.

Ed and I honeymooned at Amicalola Falls State Park two years ago. For our trip this week, we stayed in the same room we did on our honeymoon.

We did not have sex until we were married, so for most of our first trip there we had “other things” on our minds. So as we walked around the room again on Thursday, I discovered quite a lot of things that I didn’t remember from the first time around.

It started with the view.


As I mentioned in my mobile post on Thursday, I had no idea the view was so pretty.

I remember we had a completely private balcony. And I remember sleeping out there on an air mattress and sleeping bag one night. (We did the same thing — but just for a few hours — on this trip. Why we did this with a big comfortable king-size bed inside I’m not sure. And it was REALLY cold. Two years ago and on Thursday.) Anyway, the balcony I remember.


These cool rocking chairs and table? I have no memory of them whatsoever. Ed assures me they were there, as he had to move them. 🙂


I also don’t remember the Internet. Oh, that’s right… there WASN’T any Internet when we were there the last time. Limited cellular service, too. All in all, I think I prefer it that way.

I’m quite sure there was lots of cool wildlife outside our window…


Like this deer.

But Ed and I sure as heck didn’t see them.

There are a few things I remember vividly.

Like this…


(No environmentally unfriendly bottles of shampoo, etc., for us.)

And this…


(Remember when they ALL had cords?)

And this…


(We watched “Lost,” my husband’s favorite show. It’s the only t.v. we watched the whole week.)

And, of course, this…



But most of all? I remember this…


I love my husband. And I don’t need a return trip to our honeymoon destination — or any destination — to remember all the reasons why.

9 thoughts on “There are places (and things) I remember… and don’t.

  1. Lisa@Take90West

    It sounds like you had a great time. And the scenery is beautiful!
    You guys sound like such a great couple!

    Thanks, Lisa. We did have a great time. We’re very happy together. And everyone around us, like you, seems to notice. 🙂 How has your vacation been?

  2. Jacki

    My husband and I didn’t have a honeymoon, so reading this really makes me wish we had. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the lovely comment.

    My parents didn’t have a honeymoon to speak of either, and I was determined to have one, even though we were fairly broke. We were able to have a really nice time on a pretty slim budget. It was perfect.

    I hope you get to take that honeymoon one of these days…

  3. kelly

    I would love to go back to where my hubs and I honeymooned. Awesome. But seriously, you waited? Pretty brave and cool.

    Yes, we waited. We didn’t do anything before we were married that we wouldn’t have done in front of our fairly conservative mothers. 🙂

  4. Nicole

    Looks like an awesome place :D!
    And he looks like an awesome guy :)!!

    Nicole’s last blog post..Assignments

    Thanks, Nicole… he’s pretty much the best. Everyone (including you) says so. That’s always encouraging!

  5. Liz

    I clickied over here from Shannon’s sleepover post purely because of your comment that you waited. AWESOME! My husband and I (we are each of our 2nd marriages) waited as well and so yeah, we need to take another trip back to Charleston to actually see more of Charleston.

    Yay for you! Waiting may make us the minority, but it’s the best decision we ever made.

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