Squabble with your spouse — it’s good for you.

And it may make you live longer. (So you can look forward to squabbling with your spouse for many more years…)

I’m not making this up. See. It says so right here.

Isn’t it common sense that bottling up feelings/anger/irritation would cause bad things do happen to a person’s innards? It should also be common sense that a person should share those feelings/that anger/those irritations constructively.

Sharing my feelings isn’t a problem usually. But doing it constructively? That’s often the hard part.

5 thoughts on “Squabble with your spouse — it’s good for you.

  1. Karen MEG

    Good to know!!!! I’m the worst at “constructive” arguing (I’m more with the actions over words, huge sighs etc…).

    Feel better that we’re doing it in the interest of longetivity now.

    Whatever makes the marriage stronger, is what I say. 🙂

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