Weekly Winners: March 23-March 29


Welcome to another week of Weekly Winners.

First, a little personal bloggy business. After being inspired by Sarcastic Mom’s blog carnivals about (breast)feeding and birth stories, I decided to host a carnival called How I Met My Honey, which will be April 29. (A carnival on weddings — some weddings ARE carnival-like after all 🙂 — will be on May 19.) Anyway, click here for information. I hope you’ll participate!

And now, onto the real fun stuff!

I took this picture on Easter Sunday morning while waiting for the tram to go back to the bottom of Stone Mountain after the Sunrise Service.

This was taken at the bottom of Stone Mountain on Easter Sunday morning.


I love how crisp the leaves on the pine tree look.

Dogwood flowers (I think).

This photo is of the same tree as the one above…

…as is this one. The same tree has three different stages of “awakening” for spring going on simultaneously.

I took this picture from inside a moving car. I. Love. It.

BARK! and bark and bark and bark and bark… the whole time we were in the car. This is typical for Fox. We’re thinking of getting Toby — and us — ear plugs.





For more of my personal weekly favorites, click here. For other official Weekly Winners, click here.

(And don’t forget to check out info on the How I Met My Honey blog carnival by clicking here or by clicking the button in my sidebar.)

Happy week, all! Weekly Winners always gets mine off to a great start. 🙂

22 thoughts on “Weekly Winners: March 23-March 29

  1. Sandy's Notes

    Beautiful job on the photos. Thanks for mentioning Tricia. It really brings the important things to the surface. Prayers are with her!

    Thanks! As for Tricia, she ROCKS! Thank you for praying for her.

  2. Laura

    I love the crisp pine too, and the dog wood. My mom and dad have a dogwood in their front yard…it’s so big and beautiful. 🙂 when it’s in it’s full beauty it peeps in the upstairs windows and just makes life that much more beautiful!

    Thanks for sharing the story of your parent’s dogwood. How neat!

  3. Connie

    Good winners this week! I loved the dogwood & bud pics~they are beautiful! The dog pic is hilarious!!

    Thanks, Connie! As for the dog pic? You try riding with him for two hours and see how hilarious it is. 😉

  4. Brandie

    Awesome pics! I especially love the moving car one!

    Brandie’s last blog post..Weekly Winners (Late)

    Thanks so much, Brandie! I like the moving car one more and more each time I look at it. (Does that sound vain? I don’t mean it to.) I’m so enjoying Weekly Winners.


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