It’s almost enough to make me want to do yard work…

So the big excitement in our house this weekend? Ed bought a new lawnmower. Isn’t it pretty?


And it has electric start. WHOO HOO!


This means that to get it to start, all we have to do is pull out the choke and turn a key.


Electric start is WAY better than the recoil start, which involves pulling a rope, sometimes many, many times (especially when the mower is as old as ours was), to start the engine. That method makes my back hurt. Just sayin’.

When Ed got it all ready to go, he wanted me to test drive it. Unfortunately, I was still in my robe. Yes at 5:30 p.m. Ahem…


Note my footware. It’s the height of fashion for the 2008 mowing season. (O.k., not really. One should wear actual shoes to mow a lawn.)


The mower works so WELL, and self-propels so WELL, that even our fancy camera couldn’t keep up with it to focus properly. Ah well… you get the idea.


So what was the big news at YOUR house this weekend?

3 thoughts on “It’s almost enough to make me want to do yard work…

  1. Sandy (Momisodes)

    Oh! We need one of those! I will definitely need to look into ones like that. WE have a new backyard that is pretty large….and I hate the recoil start ones.

    Sandy (Momisodes)’s last blog post..Burnt

    Sandy, we had a little trouble with it the first time we used it, but it seems to have “healed” itself… Maybe some “bad gas” got into it… Who knows?!

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