Tricia update… surgery successful!


Photo by Nathan Lawrenson, taken yesterday, Tricia’s last day with CF lungs.

Tricia’s surgery was successful! Praise God!

I know Nate (and the rest of his and Tricia’s families) had a LONG night. He posted a few times overnight, including some great photos of Tricia yesterday… and of Nate and Gwyneth… and of Tricia and Gwyneth (also taken yesterday). Go over. Take a look. Leave a nice word or two for Nate. I know he’s appreciating all the support.

By the way… Yesterday? It was Nate’s birthday. New lungs for your wife: best birthday present EVER!

5 thoughts on “Tricia update… surgery successful!

  1. Jen

    Theirs is an amazing story. Thanks for updating on your page as well. Absolutely wonderful news!

    Amazing is right… I’m glad that I’ve been able to follow the story… very, very cool…

    And I’ll continue to update my blog from time to time, as cool stuff/prayer requests warrant.


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