Life — it’s what matters

Haiku Friday

In a hospital —
Duke in North Carolina —
Tricia recovers.

Double-lung transplant
Wednesday night/Thursday morning.
Surgery success!

Cystic fibrosis
is no longer in her lungs:
a new lease on life.

Meet her husband Nate,
always by her side, pure love.
We all love him, too.

Miracle Gwyneth,
more than fifteen weeks early:
beyond doing well.

The road is still long,
But Mom’s come far already,
God’s hand in plain view.

Please offer up prayer.
All prayers and thoughts so helpful
on this long journey.

She could reject lungs,
but as some commenters said,
she will be home soon.

Nags Head or heaven —
One earthly, one with her God.
But home she will be.

We all pray for years
to watch Gwyneth become big,
to know her mommy.

We want years for Nate.
“Til death do us part” will come
too soon in best case.

This story moves me,
makes my “hardships” seem so small.
Perspective is good.

Life — it’s what matters.
Never take it for granted.
I will try not to.

Please visit their blog.
I promise you’ll be moved, too,
and forever changed.

21 thoughts on “Life — it’s what matters

  1. storyteller

    Thanks for sharing this
    inspirational Haiku.
    I shall visit soon

    and remember each
    one in daily prayer … amazed
    by God’s grace again.

    Hugs and blessings,

    Have you had a chance to visit their site? Tricia’s doing really well!

  2. Mama DB

    I’ve been following Nate’s blog for a while and was so relieved to hear Tricia made it through the surgery. Now the hard part, recovery.

    Wonderful haiku! Happy Friday.


    And Tricia’s doing well, so the good news continues.

  3. Sandy (Momisodes)

    I agree with you on how they put your own issues into perspective. I hope Tricia has far less bumps in the road that lies ahead now.

    Sandy (Momisodes)’s last blog post..Short

    Thanks, Sandy. Tricia continues to do well…

  4. Joyce T.

    That was a great haiku series.
    Yes, I hope Tricia has a good recovery, and that little Gwyneth continues to grow and prosper. πŸ™‚

    Joyce T.’s last blog post..Rainy Days Haikus

    Thanks, Joyce! Gwyneth hit 2 pounds, 12 ounces. She’s doubled her birth weight!

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