A fabulous week for Tricia and Gwyneth

I strongly encourage you to go to Nate’s blog and read the last week’s entries. Amazing, amazing, amazing. But here’s some of what’s happened…

Tricia’s had her new lungs for a week now, and everything is going well.

Gwyneth turned 3 months old on Tuesday. She is SO CUTE! She is a “bruiser” at 3 pounds and is now 14 inches long. If I recall correctly, she grew almost two inches in a week. She gained about nine ounces. She’s started getting some of her feeds with a bottle and is doing quite well with it. She is still receiving donated breast milk. (Tricia, for myriad medical reasons, is unable to nurse.) Hooray for breast milk banks.

Nate has taken some time away from the blog, with a few exceptions, to take care of his wife and baby. Nate’s dad has kept us up-to-date by posting daily on Nate’s blog and on his own blog from time to time. Thank you, Rick!

Also, Nate updated his “Fast Track” post today, which will catch you up on the whole story.

As always, check out the main page of Nate’s blog for the latest. And keep praying!

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