“Breaking up”…

Haiku Friday

You know the saying
“Breaking up is hard to do”?
Very, very true.

Thursday, I “broke up”
with a doctor of five years.
Good care? Not lately.

Oh the guilt I felt.
I’m not sure why this is so.
Doctors are to help.

Have any of you
been in this situation
and also felt guilt?

Please, share your stories.
I’m curious what you did
and how things worked out.


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17 thoughts on ““Breaking up”…

  1. Marylin

    I’ve not really had the chance to do anything like that yet! No reason for you to feel guilty though hon, it’s your healthcare, you deserve the best!

    Marylins last blog post..I need some Ku inspiration!

    Yeah, I feel better about my decision now. Thanks for the encouragement.

  2. transplanting me

    i broke up with my ob while i was in the hospital after my first baby was delivered. never saw her again. it wasn’t hard at the time, the emotion and all. but after i got home, even though it was the right thing, i felt guilty. but it was absolutely the right thing!

    transplanting mes last blog post..spf not enough

    Ugh… having to break up with an OB right after delivery would be the PITS! 😦

  3. wright

    Ugh, I should break up with my doc. I just never do it. Hope you find a better one soon!

    Happy Friday!

    wrights last blog post..Haiku Friday – Baby #2

    Wright, this was absolutely the right thing to do. I’m already working on getting a better one. πŸ™‚

  4. Alisha

    I’ve never left on purpose. I mean when I left my job I had to leave the health insurance behind too…so technically, I just left my doc hanging. I hope it doesn’t ruin his future relationships because of the way I went. I hope he got over it and moved on. I hate breaking hearts.


    Great Ku-Good Luck finding a new one. In my experience, they are all pretty similar. You just have to figure out what you are going to sacrifice; bedside manner, distance, insurance and so forth. Or maybe you just want a good looking one…even those seem hard to find these days.

    I was trying to be funny…Did it work or is it too early!?

    Alishas last blog post..Haiku Friday-Izzy’s Cast and Emmy Rolls

    Alisha, that was funny! It made me smile. Thank you! πŸ™‚

  5. Jeri

    Good for you! Sometimes it’s just the right thing to do. If the doc wasn’t doing right by you, then it’s up to YOU to take care of you.

    Yup, and that’s what I’m doing. Finally. I should have done it a long time ago. Live and learn.

  6. storyteller

    Years ago I changed
    all my doctors to women
    with an open mind

    re: alternative
    treatments to traditional
    medicine and drugs!

    It was the BEST decision I ever made, though I did feel ‘guilty’ at the time.

    Mine are up this morning:
    I Up and Did it Yesterday! at Sacred Ruminations and Baby Beagle Update at Small Reflections.
    Hugs and blessings,

    Yeah, this was a good decision. πŸ™‚ Now, I’m starting to feel guilty about WAITING so long. For my own sake… Ugh…

  7. lceel

    I had to ‘break up’ with my doctor because his practice stopped taking Blue Cross/Blue Shield. So now I have a new doctor. And she is great. And she’s cute. She gives me a hug every time I see her. And so does her nurse. Because I’m such a special guy. On the other hand, I don’t think I would have hugged Dr. Frank. I mean, he WAS a nice guy and all, but still. Not quite my type. Ya know.

    lceels last blog post..100 Word Challenge – Hooked – Plus Tower

    What a nice doctor you have. That’s awesome! πŸ™‚

  8. Sandy (Momisodes)

    I’ve broken up with a few doctors and pediatricians. I try not to dwell on it. They get paid big bucks. If they can’t deliver care I’m looking for, I have to put my needs first. Quality healthcare is priceless.

    Sandy (Momisodes)s last blog post..Nail’ku

    You’re absolutely right, Sandy.

  9. Maggie

    I had to stop seeing a doctor I love because when I changed insurance, she’s not part of the plan. It really does break my heart, but I had no choice.

    In your case, if the care was no longer great, I do hope you won’t feel too guilty for too long because NOBODY will care about your health more than you do, so you have to be your own advocate in getting yourself the best possible care. Period.

    I hope you find a great doctor soon. I’ve been looking for years, but my insurance, which I am thankful to have, has so far limited my choices to doctors that haven’t been at all great. I keep looking πŸ™‚

    Maggie, I’m so over the guilt. Now I just want to kick myself for waiting so long. 😦

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