Friday Flashback: April 29, 2006 (yes, again)

My friend Colleen at Mommy Always Wins hosts this cool thing called “Flashback Friday.” This week’s theme is to show ourselves on our wedding day. A theme of sorts is emerging on this here blog, isn’t it?


Anyway, this is the last picture taken on our wedding day. Ed and I were sitting on the porch at Tumlin House, where we spent the first two nights of our marriage, waiting for people to take our stuff up to the room. (We didn’t ask people to do this; they just kind of did. It was nice.) I had turned around to talk to people behind me. Our eagle-eyed photographer said, “Stay right there.” And this picture was born. Ahhhh…

(Photo by PKE Photo Group.)

You can’t see Ed’s face in this photo, but I see Ed’s face in mine. Swoon…

Now, with any “luck,” you won’t have to deal with any more of my wedding sap until May 19, for the big “I Do” extravaganza.

9 thoughts on “Friday Flashback: April 29, 2006 (yes, again)

  1. Jen

    What a wonderful picture. I think your photographer did a great job of capturing just the perfect moment.

    Thank you, Jen. Our photographer was awesome. 🙂

  2. Andie Summerkiss

    Great photo. An absolute keeper! That is a great veil ..

    Andie Summerkisss last blog post..Pangea Day

    Thank you, Andie. I loved my veil, too. Do you know that my mom bought it second-hand for something like $50 (or less)? My sister wore it for her wedding in 2000. When she shipped it to me, she rolled it up, put some tissue paper around it, and sent it “regular mail.” 🙂 It got here in one piece (obviously). My sister was clearly not sentimental about her veil. 🙂

  3. Allison (aka AngelGal)

    Hey! I’ve got my own cool thing going on now!

    I just started my first contest, looks like sometime not too long after you showed up!

    If you’ve got a great “Mom Story” come on over. You have the chance to WIN either a jar candle from my stash (for my candle biz) or 6 votives from my stash!

  4. Laura

    Sorry that I didn’t participate in your How I Met My Honey. I meant to, actually I went over in my mind many times what I’d say, it’s just an odd story so I decided to skip! 😛

    Thanks, Laura. I understand about How I Met My Honey. Feel free to join us for the wedding carnival, if you’d like. 🙂


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