18 weeks and 2 days later…

Gwyneth is out of the hospital. WHOO HOO! 🙂

Here are a couple of pictures.

A note Nate posted today, thanking everyone at the NICU, is here.

And the post announcing Gwyneth’s birth on January 8, is here. The title, “I’m a Daddy!” got me choked up all over again.

She was born at 24 weeks, 4 or 5 days gestation — I can’t remember which. A full-term pregnancy is 40 weeks. The gestational age of “viability” is 24 weeks.

She’s come a LONG way.

She’s a week past 4 months old, but her age, adjusted for her due date, is three weeks. She weighs 4 pounds, 10 oz. They have lots of night feedings ahead of them.

Remember, Tricia is only six weeks post-double lung transplant. She’s still doing physical therapy, and still recovering.

So keep praying. And thanks for all the prayers so far. I KNOW they made a world of difference.

6 thoughts on “18 weeks and 2 days later…

  1. Colleen

    Oh my God I have tears in my eyes! What miracles – all of them!

    Thanks for introducing me to this amazing family!

    You’re so welcome, Colleen. I love this family, and I’ve never met them. 🙂


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