4 thoughts on “Survival skills…

  1. Kelsey


    I thought it was pretty funny myself.

    I mean, getting lost isn’t funny. And using whatever means necessary to survive is SMART! But the way the story was written and the situation struck me as a little funny.

    Is that wrong?

  2. cardiogirl

    Gotta appreciate a gal who can channel her inner McGeyver in a time of crisis.

    Indeed, Cardiogirl, indeed. I don’t know that I would be as clear-headed…

  3. lceel

    Well, the next time I go hiking in the Alps I’ll have to remember to keep a spare sports bra in my backpack. After all, I wouldn’t want to use the one I was wearing. Would I?

    Oh, this made me laugh! You’re funny. 🙂


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