Blue skies and yellow flowers…


Exposaroonie offers a fun photo challenge each week. Sometimes the winner of each week’s vote wins a prize, but most weeks its focus is simply learning more about photography.

This week’s challenge is vibrant colors.

FYI, I didn’t do anything to the photo. That is what it looked like when I took it. It was a gorgeous “sky day.”

So go visit Exposaroonie’s Web site starting tomorrow and vote for your favorite… even if it’s not mine. I know from experience this week that it is rewarding to be recognized for your work.

7 thoughts on “Blue skies and yellow flowers…

  1. Lisa's Chaos

    I love it when the sky cooperates like that! Love yellow flowers against a blue blue sky always!

    Me, too, Lisa. I like almost ANYthing against a blue blue sky, but yellow is particularly lovely. I learned that the yellow flower is yarrow, but you probably already know that. 🙂

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