Fish stories…

I had so much fun participating in last week’s Fun Monday at Lisa’s place.

After having such a good time, I signed up to participate in this week’s Fun Monday being hosted at U R Olive. The topic is fish stories. I thought she meant tall tales. But she meant stories about fishing in honor of the United States’ Fourth of July holiday.

Um. I don’t fish.

BUT then I remembered that I DID fish VERY occasionally, ending about 25 years ago. So I present to you my one and only fish story.

Some quick background… When my parents were at one of the first churches to which my dad was appointed they met Jim and Kathleen. They cooked my parents a steak dinner when they announced their pregnancy with me and, two and a half years later, with my sister. We were all so close that I didn’t realize they weren’t related to me until I was in my early teens. (Nevermind.)

Anyway, they lived on a lake and had a boat, and Jim was a BIG fisherman. He had some of his biggest catches mounted and everything. (I was fascinated by those fish.) In Georgia, children can fish without a license, and I would BEG him to take me fishing. I don’t think he took me often, but I remember one time when SOMEONE caught a lot of fish. I don’t think it was me. But we had one of those mesh thingies that we put the fish in after we unhooked it and put it back in the water. Therefore, the fish would be alive until we got done and were ready to clean them — or release them, whatever the case might be. I was completely entranced by watching the fish flail wildly when I pulled the fish out of the water. I knew fish out of water weren’t happy fish, but I just couldn’t help myself. We did release those fish, and I think some of them were a bit on the unhealthy side when we did. 😦

This is one of those stories that doesn’t have a “tidy” way to end it, because I can’t remember much else about the day.

I guess I’m not that good at telling fish stories.

Or am I?


14 thoughts on “Fish stories…

  1. Lisa's Chaos

    I think you were being a normal kid. I remember messing with fish my dad caught. I’m glad you played again. 🙂 Be careful tho it gets kinda addicting.

    Lisa’s Chaos’s last blog post..Something smells fishy

    “Kinda addicting” is the truth… 🙂

    I was definitely in “normal kid” mode… which also explains why I felt bad for the fish. (Poor fishies…)

  2. Olive

    Not sure what the mesh thingy was but we used stringers or buckets for holding/keeping the fish until we were done fishing. Very nicely told story.

    Olive’s last blog post..Fun Monday – That Special Fish

    It probably was between a stringer and a bucket if that makes sense. I’m glad you enjoyed the post. 🙂 Thanks again for hosting.

  3. Tracey_iPost

    We never used the mesh thingys. We just immediately let them back in the water. Every childhood should have a fishing story. I am glad yours does!

    Tracey_iPost’s last blog post..Satin Fish Eats Father in Front of Daughter’s Eyes (or Not)

    If I had to do it over, I’d immediately let them back in the water. I’m not sure why we didn’t. Or maybe we did, but I only remember the one I insisted we keep, which was unhappy when we did release it. Who knows… 🙂

  4. storyteller

    I enjoyed your ‘fish story’ today and am glad you enjoyed Fun Monday enough last week to have another go at it. I don’t recall whether or not I visited your ‘Quirk’ post … (and can’t seem to find it this morning) … but I must take a moment to comment on the amazing photos you’ve shared the past few weeks for Weekly Winners. You do have a wonderful ‘eye’ for photography.
    Hugs and blessings,

    storyteller’s last blog post..Fun Monday #13 Something’s fishy …

    Fun Monday really is fun. I’ve signed up for next week’s, too.

    Thanks so much for the compliments about my photography. I’m really enjoying it.

  5. chrisb

    If I were a fisher which I’m not I would always want to release them. Although I might feel differently if I caught a big one as I actually love eating fish! Inconsistent that’s me!

    chrisb’s last blog post..Fun Monday # 73 A fishy tale or two!

    I have mixed feelings about the whole releasing vs. eating issue, too…

  6. susan

    Isn’t Fun Monday…well…fun? lol

    Not being a fisher, I have no idea what a mesh thing is. Although I’m pretty sure I would be wanting to free the fish too!

    susan’s last blog post..A Fish Tale

    Yes it REALLY is fun. 🙂

  7. lceel

    I realized very young that i didn’t enjoy the notion of ‘sport fishing’. When I fish, I fish to eat. Naturally, I throw back the undersized, but I really don’t enjoy the notion of inflicting unnecessary pain on a living creature, whether that pain is actual or just stress. But that’s just me.

    lceel’s last blog post..Short and sweet

    I understand. Poor little fish. (I love fish, but…)

  8. Jo Beaufoix

    Well I liked your fish story, but I don’t fish. They sound like lovely people.

    Jo Beaufoix’s last blog post..Losing Nemo

    Jo, they really were. Jim died in 1991, I think it was. Kathleen died in the summer of 2004. Both my grandmothers died earlier the same year. Mom and Dad felt like they’d lost three parents in one summer. (Both my grandfathers died decades ago.)


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