I [heart] my bloggy community


Yesterday, I read this post over at Copyblogger.

I’m new to that blog. I’m certainly NOT its target audience, although I’ve picked up a few tips in the time I’ve hung out there.

Among all the other stuff in today’s post were these questions:

Would you rather enjoy the benefit of higher subscriber numbers in trade for lower overall engagement (such as having 100K subscribers and three comments per post)?

Or do you like attracting your followers the old-fashioned way, satisfied that someone who subscribes has independently chosen [to]?

And this is my reply:

Funny you should ask… I’ve been thinking about this a lot recently. And did a little research.

I had 388 visits to and 783 page views of my blog from 6/29 through 7/5. No more than 10 of those visits were from me, popping by quickly to “check in” while at work. Throughout the week, I had between 11 and 15 people access my blog each day via my Feedburner feed. I had 158 comments during the same 7-day period, so 40.7% of those visits (and 20.2% of page views) “produced” a comment.

Another blog I read daily said she had over 7,000 page views last week. (I’m not sure what she counts as her “week,” but that’s really not the point.) She had 91 comments, so 1.3% of her page views “produced” a comment.

Her blog’s goals seem to be different than mine (and neither are for business, so I know this whole comment is a bit off-topic). And we go about getting readers/hits differently; I have found a number of photography blog carnivals that I participate in each week, for instance, and she is active in a number of “networks” of bloggers and blogs for a few herself.

It’s RARE that I don’t have at least a handful of comments for ALL my posts, regardless of content. I do know that some people leave comments just so I’ll visit them, too, but that’s o.k. Most of us have been there at one point or another.

The really cool thing is that I “pick up” a new regular reader or two virtually every week.

In short, I’ll take “engagement” over “numbers” any day.

I know I’ve touched on this before — or at least someone (I think it was Shannon) mentioned feelings on the issue in a comment. But I’m interested in having a conversation about it.

What is your bloggy philosophy when it comes to things such as quantity vs comments? Do tell! 🙂

20 thoughts on “I [heart] my bloggy community

  1. inlandempiregirl

    It never occured to me to look at numbers when I first started. I did a blog so my siblings and I could have a place to communicate and I would stay focused on improving my writing by doing it each and every day. So much more has happened. I got interested in photography, other people’s writing and blogs, and now I write more than I ever have. I do check the numbers every once in a while, but to me it is meeting and learning about so many different people and appreciating their creative talents.

    inlandempiregirl’s last blog post.."Idaho Is my central, sustaining, mythic landscape."

    I didn’t think about numbers when I started either. I kind of wish I still didn’t. 🙂 I’m with you; blogging expanded my horizons considerably, too. Now I’m a photo-taking fiend.

  2. frogpondsrock

    I think that I prefer quality over quantity..I am pleased that I had the chance to “meet you” via plurk. Now I feel that I am having a conversation with you rather than just leaving a comment on your weekly winners saying nice shot or something equally generic..
    cheers kim

    I’m glad for that, too, Kim. 🙂

  3. Marylin

    I feel like I’ve become friends with my regular commenters, so I’d much rather that than unknown people reading and never ‘talking’ to me!

    I know I *could* bump up readership if I did more memes, or joined more networks etc, but I just don’t see the point at the moment – not when I’ve just dropped OUT of Blog365 anyhoo! 😉

    Marylin’s last blog post..Tired

    Marylin, there are a few memes I did for awhile and then stopped because I was just doing them to attract visits. I decided this was NOT worth it, so now I just do what feels “right.” I’m not much into the networks either.

  4. Shannon

    We have talked about this before! I’ll say it again….. I’d rather have one loyal reader who actually enjoys what I am blogging than 378 wishy-washy readers that are here one day and gone another. I am at 5 readers for each of my my blogs. I have no idea what my daily hit counter is at and personally I could careless!
    I got enough issues to worry about with my weight, family, health; I don’t need to worry about my readers. I just blog for me and if someone finds me funny or interesting…. WooHoo!

    Shannon’s last blog post..Vote

    Shannon, I think you have a healthy view of all this. Yay!

  5. wendy

    Got here via Top CommentLuv site. Thought you should know that so it is working.

    Quality versus Quantity. My pageviews have gone up as well. I prefer unique hits but what can I say. Knowing I have a few loyal fans is good as well.

    Still working on getting up there though as I want to do advertising via my new blog. Hence keeping busy.

    My comment luv is broken It works for others but not for me on other blogs. LOL Still trying to figure what is wrong

    Nice article. Gives others some food for thought

    wendy’s last blog post..Links for 2008-07-07 [Digg]

    Hi, Wendy. Thanks for letting me know how you found me… and for commenting.

    It sounds like your feed may be “broken,” if CommentLuv can’t pick it up on anyone’s site. Unfortunately, I don’t know for sure… and if this IS the problem, I haven’t a clue how you’d fix it. 😦

    I FINALLY got CommentLuv to work again — the same day I signed up for the Top CommentLuv site. I ended up uninstalling it and then reinstalling it a few days later. That did the trick. I have no idea why or what might have been wrong. Go figure.

  6. Heather J.

    Although I like having lots of people read my blog, it doesn’t mean much to me if they aren’t commenting. It’s kind of strange, getting to know people by their comments, but it’s really cool too.

    Heather J.’s last blog post..The "Official" Lost Book Club

    I agree.

    And I’m sorry I don’t end up commenting on your blog often… EEK!

  7. Robyn

    Um, well, since 3 comments would be a high number of comments for me, it is hard to compare worlds. I love seeing that people have visited the sites, but I’d prefer people to participate and talk back and comment.

    Robyn’s last blog post..Where’s the fun in that?

    Hi, Robyn. I don’t recall “seeing” you here before. If not, welcome!

    I don’t require much “care and feeding” in terms of comments, but it’s nice to know that people are out there.

    Come visit me again soon. 🙂

  8. Steph Corwin

    My blog is still fairly young I guess but when I recently (finally) set up a comment responder that emails my readers when I respond. I like the sense of comments to be more of a conversation. I don’t know. I don’t think of it too much. usually I just want people to know that hi I’m reading and to encourage them to keep doing what they’re doing.

    Steph Corwin’s last blog post..Grandma’s House

    I like the “conversation” or community aspect as well. I was encouraged when I had a number of comments on my latest giveaway winner announcement. It was nice to see that people wanted to congratulate the person who DID win and that they were interested in the photo she will receive.

  9. Jen

    I love comments, regardless of the quality. I’m think I’m desperate that way 🙂

    I’ll keep this in mind for future reference. 😉

  10. Jenty

    I think I feel the same way, but mine is more complicated because I have 2 very different blogs, and my readership is different for both of them.
    As Jen says above, I love comments, so I’ll have that over readers any day.

    Jenty’s last blog post..Hydrangeas in winter

    Just one blog is a LOT for me to care for. I can’t imagine two. But I may do it sometime. ACK!

    I think it’s interesting that you have different readers for each blog. It makes sense, but that goes to the point of “know your audience.” 🙂

  11. storyteller

    Interesting topic! When I started blogging back in October of last year, I had no clue what to expect and I was thrilled when anyone found me and left a comment. NaBloPoMo and Holidailies introduced me to others (and vice versa) so by January I’d made some ‘virtual’ friends. I don’t know how to check stats the way some folks do … nor do I care about that much.

    I love finding comments always (especially ones that actually communicate a complete thought). I do my best to respond in a thoughtful way (and timely manner) on MY blog (and/or email if available) … and visit others as time permits too, leaving comments wherever I go. I guess it’s a quality over quantity for me. Lately I’ve participated more regularly in a variety of weekly ‘memes’ at Small Reflections and that tends to increase the number of comments received. I stick to what’s on my mind at Sacred Ruminations for the most part and don’t publish daily there, so I don’t get as many comments on those posts … but the ones I do receive actually say something more that ‘great post’ ;–)
    Hugs and blessings,

    storyteller’s last blog post..Heads or Tails #14 – Ooooooooo

    What REALLY bothers me is when I’m participating in a meme and see the identical generic comment on post after post after post. It’s not worth much to have the visit, if it’s JUST to get a return visit or comment. I don’t always succeed at the highest quality responses either, though….

  12. Sandy (Momisodes)

    What a great topic! I couldn’t agree more. I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have engagement. I reach out to readers for tips and advice all the time. There are some great friendships and wisdom out there in the blogosphere 😉

    Sandy (Momisodes)’s last blog post..Flipping Out

    I learn a lot from my blogging (writing AND reading). I’m glad you do, too. 🙂

  13. AMomTwoBoys

    Ooh! Ooh! This is a great question! As an attention whore who started an ENTIRE WEBSITE in an attempt to increase my and other people’s traffic & comment counts I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about this recently. As has my husband.

    He doesn’t see why I personally don’t have 175 people coming by and commenting on my blog every day, as I “should” based on the number of people registerd at AM. But I feel differently. I feel like I want people to stop by who WANT to stop by because they like what I have to say (or how I say it!) instead of feeling like the HAVE to.

    And that’s also my problem with AM. I feel that I NEED to comment (because I started & run the site) on EVERYONE’S posts ALL THE TIME, even if I don’t want to. Regardless of the fact that it would be impossible.

    In summary, I’d rather have a few great commenters (& friends) than a million visitors who don’t give a crap what they’re seeing.

    AMomTwoBoys’s last blog post..I’m Feelin Melancholy, How ‘Bout You?

    I completely agree.

    I’ve gotten a TON of comments in the last week. And I’m having trouble keeping up. Most nights after work I spend much of the evening doing blog stuff. I may need to rethink some of this. I WANT to respond to all comments, but it’s hard. (Just keeping it real. 🙂 )

  14. Beth - total mom haircut

    Interesting question, and my answer would probably be different depending on my mood. But lately I am much less about numbers and more about engagement. Even as far as comments, one thoughtful comment on a post means a bit more to me than 5 little responses, you know?

    Beth – total mom haircut’s last blog post..For the love of Thomas

    Indeed I do know. 🙂

  15. Jenny

    I would much rather have the engagement than the numbers. I enjoy the interaction and friendships that have come from blogging and it wouldn’t be the same if it was quantity over quality.

    Great topic!

    Jenny’s last blog post..exhausted.

    Engagement is much better. I agree. 🙂

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