Project Black: Take 1

Anna is hosting another color project. I LOVE color projects.

I had a hard time with Project Blue, but I did have fun.

As is “tradition” with me I’m using a previously-used photo first. I’ll be on the lookout for “new black” (brown? kidding!) over the next several days.


Project Black

Summaries of my Project Black entries on which you can click to see the photo are here.

24 thoughts on “Project Black: Take 1

  1. Raven

    Wonderful photo! I love photos with shadows too. Fun project black shot.

    Raven’s last blog post..Poem of the Week: Sixty One!!!!!!

    Thanks, Raven. I didn’t take the photo with Project Black in mind (it didn’t exist when I took it), but I did take it with the intent to crop it this way. I’m glad it worked out. 🙂

  2. lissa

    I like the stillness of this shot and yet I know it must be moving judging from the pants movements

    lissa’s last blog post..styrofoam

    Lissa, it is an interesting combination of stillness and movement. I hadn’t thought of it that way before. Thanks! 🙂

  3. JC

    Excellent shot… everything… the shadow, the movement, even the lines in the pants and the road… just terrific! I would probably crop out the cup on top and it would be absolutely perfect.

    JC’s last blog post..Project Black: to the dark side…

    ACK! I’d meant to go back and crop out the cup. Darn it all! (And thank you for reminding me. So, now I must decide if I should do it now or wait. Hmmm…)

    Thanks so much for the compliments. 🙂 I love this one, too.

    Edited at 9:41 p.m.: JC, I couldn’t stand it and recropped the photo. 🙂

  4. June

    I guess you went back and cropped out the cup, cause I only see perfect!

    June, I did crop out the cup. It was VERY small at the top. I’d meant to crop it out to begin with, but then I couldn’t stand it. 🙂

  5. CG

    Great shot, I love the black line down the pants!

    CG’s last blog post..

    Thanks so much, CG. 🙂 I like that line, too.


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