A new beginning…

(Me, post “Curves”ing, still smiling.)

Yesterday I went to Curves for the first time in about four months. My reasons for NOT going over that time (and beyond, truthfully) are many.

But over the last few weeks I found myself thinking a bit more about going and started actually LOOKING FORWARD TO IT!

The night before last I dreamed about going to Curves and using the machines. I found the dream exhausting. Actually GOING was much easier. Go figure.

I’m glad I went. I hope yesterday was the start of a new Curves beginning.

15 thoughts on “A new beginning…

  1. Alicia

    way to go!! working out is soo hard, that is why I pole dance, so much funner! ha ha

    thanks for stopping by my blog 🙂

    Alicia’s last blog post..Sexy needle

    Alicia, thanks. And this comment made my husband laugh out loud… a good thing. 🙂

  2. Kelsey

    Sorry it is so late! We were at the Cenotes today I havent been online haha

    Kelsey’s last blog post..::Photo Tip Friday- Your DSLR::

    Oh no worries! 🙂 You’re not SUPPOSED to be online when you’re away. But… um… if you see this could you fix a fairly major typo I didn’t catch the first time? I’ve had a film SLR since 2000, not 2007. (I hate when I type the wrong year.) And I’m not LOOKING anymore. I don’t want to see them if there are more typos. Heh.

  3. June

    Your doing this for your good health, no? Cause you sure don’t appear to need to lose weight. Will be interested in hearing your impressions of it…

    June’s last blog post..Friendship Day

    Hi, June. Yes, I’m doing this for good health. My weight is o.k. (140), but I can’t afford to gain MUCH more for my health’s sake. I have a small frame, so while 140 is o.k., TOO much more wouldn’t be. (And my doctor would agree.)

    I tell people I work out so I can continue to eat a little junk food daily. 🙂 Works for me…

  4. Sandy (Momisodes)

    Congrats on taking the big first step on getting back into it all. I think the first few weeks is always the toughest, but it sounds like you have the determination to stick with this and see it through 🙂 Good for you!

    Sandy (Momisodes)’s last blog post..Love Is Colorblind

  5. Cassandra

    Here from ICLW…

    I have a funny Curves story for you. Once, my husband was in the laundry room of our apartment building. Another tenant had left their keys on top of a dryer. My husband examined them and then came home to tell me what he saw.

    “Someone left his keys in the laundry room, and it’s so weird. You know the little mini-card that we have on our keys for the supermarket? He has one of those, for A STRIP CLUB.”


    “It says Curves!”

    Yeah, that’s not a strip club, that’s a women’s-only gym.

    “Oh. That makes more sense!”

    Anyway, enjoy your return to the strip club — I mean gym!

    Hahahahaha! That’s a riot. Thanks for sharing it. I was thinking about your story while I was stretching out after my Curves workout yesterday. 🙂

  6. cardiogirl

    I find getting to the gym is the hardest part. I mean the mental argument I have in my head while I sit on the couch. Many times I do not want to go.

    But I always feel better after I go. And once I’ve gone four or five days in a row I start to *want* to go.

    But, it’s a slippery slope. I just fell off the wagon for three days and I really had to fight myself to go again yesterday.

    Good luck!

    cardiogirl’s last blog post..The book of questions, Volume IV

    Once I’m there, I’m fine (most days). It’s GETTING that kills me, so I’m totally hearing you. 🙂

    But I went yesterday before the dog party, and I plan to go again tomorrow. Way to go me.

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