I feel OLD!

When Beverly Hills, 90210 premiered in October of 1990, I was 15 years old and a sophomore in high school.

I LOVED this show. Like me, most of the characters were part of the high school Class of 1993. I can still get teary-eyed watching the high school graduation show. Once they went off to college (and beyond), things got more than a little weird, but that’s not the point.

Imagine my horror when it occurred to me that those 1990 15-year-olds could be the PARENT of a West Beverly High School 15-year-old now. We know that none of the “core” cast members’ characters had kids in high school (or JUST after)… but I wonder if we’ll see any other Class of 1993ers’ children on the spinoff, which is coming to The CW this fall.

Not that I’m planning on WATCHING the spinoff. (Truly, I’m not.) But it will be interesting to see.

6 thoughts on “I feel OLD!

  1. Jen

    As a class of 92-er, I have to admit that my friends and I got together EVERY week to watch the show together. I, too, feel very old. Sadly, I think I’ll have to check it out just for nostalgia’s sake. 🙂

    Jen’s last blog post..Back On The Crackpipe (Or Alternately Titled: Call Me Dr. Crazy)

    I’ll probably check it out, too… I don’t plan on watching regularly, but I watch “Big Brother,” so what do I know? (Did I just type that “out loud”?)

  2. Heather J.

    I remember watching the very first episode with my sister. I was the class of ’95, she was the class of ’97. We LOVED to watch it together. In college my roomie moved in with a a stack of VHSs full of old 90210 episodes. Aah, the memories … ~LOL~

    Heather J.’s last blog post..We Are On Our Own

    A sentimental journey for sure. 🙂

  3. Vered

    Yeah, I sometimes feel old too. Especially when I talk about something and realized that it happened, oh, 20 years ago. (!)

    I’m 37, by the way.

    Vered’s last blog post..So, Another Guest Post

    I’m starting to tell “20 years ago” stories, too… it’s not possible we’re really old enough to do so, is it?

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