Prayers needed…

For the last week and a half or so, I’ve been reading this blog. I found it while scanning comments on Nate’s blog.

Long story short, this baby’s heart is very bad, as in “they’re not exactly sure how he’s made it this far” bad. Mom is not even 25 weeks pregnant. In trying to improve the baby’s health via medications given to Mom, Mom’s heart and other organs have been through the wringer, too. Not that she’s not happy to do it, but it’s HARD… on so many levels… ups and downs with the baby’s health, her health, and her emotions.

She’s in the hospital for the time being, away from her husband and three other small children.

The baby is named Stellan. I don’t know Mom’s name, because her family goes by pseudonyms (or if she’s shared it, I missed it). Until this week, they didn’t know the gender of their baby (and weren’t planning to until the baby’s expected due date in November). Nor had they named him. Because of the circumstances, they wanted to learn more about their baby, name him, and share his name with the folks who were praying.

So if you’d like to pray for them (she is an amazing woman of faith), leave an encouraging word, or both, I know her family would appreciate it. I’ve had the opportunity to exchange an e-mail or two with her, and I’ve found her to be an absolute delight.

I’m also putting a button that Jennisa made in my sidebar, so if you want to know the latest, you can click on it. Thanks, all.

4 thoughts on “Prayers needed…

  1. Jenny

    My heart goes out to this family. I can’t even imagine how they must be feeling. Thank you so much for the link and I’ll be sending prayers their way.

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