Today I’ll get my OWN chocolate…

Every day my husband makes my lunch for work. (Awwwww…)

And every day he includes some chocolate. (Even bigger awwwww…)

But Wednesday when I opened up my bag of goodies, there wasn’t chocolate in my lunch.

There were dog treats. And not the dog treats I like to eat.


I recoiled in horror. O.k., not really. I laughed, because it was an easy mistake. Sarah had given us human treats in the same type of bag at Bella’s birthday party a couple of weeks earlier.

After e-mailing Ed a camera photo picture, I went on with my day.

Yesterday morning Ed teasingly asked if I’d like more dog treats with lunch. I said, “No, thank you.” Mid-morning I went looking for my chocolate and found the SAME BAG OF DOG TREATS… and no little bag of individually wrapped chocolate goodies. Sigh…

Do you think my husband is trying to tell me something? Maybe he thinks I’m eating too much chocolate?

11 thoughts on “Today I’ll get my OWN chocolate…

  1. cardiogirl

    Yeah, that’s not right. There better be chocolate in that lunch bag today… or else (shakes fist, not sure what the “or else” will be, but it sounded good at the time.

  2. lceel

    Given that for many women chocolate is equivalent to Valium, I wouldn’t hide the chocolate too hard, if I were he. In fact, I’d let you have as much as you want as often as you want until such time as the amount of chocolate you were eating either a)began to cost me money because of all of the clothing to be bought to hide the larger body or b) it started casuing pimples.

    Either way, you start on a choco-free diet.

    lceel’s last blog post..Haiku Friday and stuff

    Hey! I got a zit on Friday. And I say it’s because I DIDN’T have chocolate on Wednesday and Thursday. And I’m going back to Curves, so the first shouldn’t be a problem.

    (This comment made my husband laugh, by the way. :))

  3. Jenny

    lol, that is too funny!! Men! At least he’s trying, right? I think it’s so sweet that he does that for you!

    Jenny’s last blog post..Flashback Friday!

    I think it’s sweet, too. He is a good husband… even when he forgets the chocolate.


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