My favorite photo of the last year

Today’s Fun Monday is being hosted by The Lurchers. The assignment is to show our favorite photo and tell why it’s our favorite.

It’s been a year since we got our new camera. Getting a digital SLR, which I’d wanted for YEARS, is what I consider the rebirth of my lifetime love affair with photography.

I’ve taken most of the 40,000+ photos we’ve put on the camera. So I’m going to tell you my favorite photo from the last year. Well, to be more specific, I’m going to tell you my favorite photo since mid-October, when I got a Flickr page.

This was HARD. I can remember taking most of the photos, so deciding felt like choosing a favorite child must feel.

I could have picked the yellow flowers. The trip we were on when I took it was the first time I really started using the manual settings on my camera.

The photo of Stone Mountain Lake in February was one of the first times I got down on the ground to get the shot.

The photo of Ed taken last October at Irene’s was a first time I’d taken photos of people and was pleased with the result.

The photo of the tight rope walker was a first attempt at shooting an “event.”

But I’m not choosing any of those. Instead I chose the photo of the pinwheels.

It’s my favorite because I wanted to capture the pinwheels spinning and figured out how to get the shot. It’s my favorite because i noticed the “still” pinwheel amid all the spinning ones and framed the shot well. It’s my favorite because I didn’t crop it, color correct it, do anything to it.

But mainly it’s my favorite because it makes me HAPPY to look at it. And isn’t evoking an emotion the point of photography? I think so.

Oh, if you’re curious, I had my husband look at my finalists, because I was curious what his favorite was. He mentioned the photo of Fox barking, the swan swimming away from the camera, and the ponytail grass and yellow yarrow. But his favorite was the mother and baby goose.

23 thoughts on “My favorite photo of the last year

  1. JoAnn's -D-Eyes/Holland

    This is just an arty photo,love the colours and deepness, how did you do that? I also enjoyed watching your Flickrpage. thanks for visiting my blog.

    JoAnn’s -D-Eyes/Holland’s last blog post..()FRANCE; CASTEL Sepia 1- Wooden-Stairs-Steps

    Hi, JoAnn. I’m running more than a little behind responding to comments.

    Thank you for the compliments on my pinwheels photo. Since you asked, I’ll tell you a little about the photo.

    I shot the photo in the early evening. The sun was probably an hour or so away from setting. I shot this photograph with my back to the sun. I used a small aperture (f/22) and a fast shutter speed. I used manual focus. I saw the “lone” pinwheel not spinning and composed my shot accordingly. Does that answer your questions? If not, give me a shout.

  2. Leora

    I love the variety in all the photos you had in the running. Great portrait of Ed, lovely yellow flowers, interesting landscape, fun tight rope guy. I can see why you chose the pinwheel–something artsy about all those colors, and the way you used the camera to your advantage.

    One of these days I’m going to get me-self one of the digital SLRs.

    Leora’s last blog post..Explore

  3. Tink *~*~*

    You did an excellent job on that photo – there’s a lot going on in it, but you held it all together. And I have not seen a lot of pinwheels in one place in a very long time. For some reason, people tend to think they are cheesy as lawn art, but not me! I love ’em!

    Tink *~*~*
    My Mobile Adventures *~*~*

  4. Jen

    The pinwheels is my favorite too (even though I haven’t seen them all, obviously). It was the one I picked during one of your bloggy give-aways! I love it.

    Jen’s last blog post..27 Weeks

  5. LME


    I thought of you and this photo recently. Can’t remember where I was but a similar photo was either art in a place of business or art to sell. I thought, “Hey, Reba took a picture a lot like that. She must be on to something!” 🙂

    love ya, girlie

    You’re so sweet to say this. I love you, too, girlie!


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