Any way you slice it, the Curves report isn’t good…

When I went back to Curves last month, I knew I was basically starting over.

Monday I learned just what “starting over” means. Between my February 23 workout (when I THOUGHT I was starting over but wasn’t really) and today’s workout, I gained 6 inches and 7 pounds (a total of 13 inches/pounds gained).

When I compare my December 11, 2006, stats (before I worked out the first time) with Monday’s, the news isn’t quite as grim.

Dec. 11, 2006/August 11, 2008 (total gained or lost)
Bust: 36.0 in./34.5 in. (-1.5 in.)
Waist: 28.0 in./31.5 in. (+3.5 in.)
Abdomen: 35.0 in./38.0 in. (+3.0 in.)
Hips: 40.50 in./41.0 in. (+0.50 in.)
Thighs: 23.0 in. each/22.0 in. each (-1.0 in. each)
Arms: 11.0 in./11 in. (0 in.)
Weight: 135.0 lb/140.0 lb (+5 lb)
Body Fat% 31.40%/32.90% (+1.5%)

Actually, it’s almost as grim… 6 inches and 5 pounds gained for 11 total inches/pound gained.

Heavy sigh…

I know. I know. Many people would kill to weigh what I do. Blah, blah, blah.

But I’M not used to weighing 140 pounds.

On Friday, I looked at the picture of Ed and me that a fellow Stone Mountain visitor took of us earlier that day. I could see my STOMACH through the shirt, even if you might not.


I HATE that. I don’t mean to sound pitiful, but I wanted to keep it real.

Thank you for listening.

13 thoughts on “Any way you slice it, the Curves report isn’t good…

  1. Steph Corwin

    Just as life has ups and downs, so does our weight. Remember that any effort is better than no effort. It’s hard to stay positive when you’re staring at the numbers (and by the way I am the same and totally critical of myself in pictures too) but give it time and don’t get discouraged πŸ™‚

    Steph Corwin’s last blog post..Tahoe Day One

  2. Leora

    You look great. I absolutely love the photo, both of you are beaming, and the scenery is stunning.

    Feel good, and may you either 1) weigh what you want to weigh or 2) feel good about whatever it is you are and weigh and that sort of thing.

    Leora’s last blog post..A Fountain From France

  3. Jen

    For the record, I think you look great. But, I totally understand wanting to feel and look good for YOU. You’ll achieve your curves goals in no time!

    Jen’s last blog post..Go Mommy Go

  4. lceel

    Look. I know we have boundaries. And I respect that. I respect YOU. But look. When you post a picture, (a nice picture by the way – you do look lovely- not overweight, at all) and in that picture you’re wearing a shirt that says “Peacemakers” right across The Rack, well, you KNOW I’m gonna be tempted to say something.

    And I am.

    Nice shirt.

    Ha! This made both Ed and me laugh. In the best way. πŸ™‚

  5. LME

    i feel your pain, reba
    we’re travelling the same road
    it’s how i feel to me and how i see me–i gotcha…
    now, shall we whine over a dish of ice cream? πŸ™‚

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