You know how I was having a low-energy day last Saturday?

It turns out I was getting sick.

Last Monday, I felt awful. I didn’t feel much better as the week went on. But because it was a busy, busy week at work, I held off going to the doctor. Today I went to the Take Care Health Clinic. Finally.

The verdict? A sinus infection. And if that weren’t enough, I also have an ear infection. In both ears.

No wonder I feel like crap warmed over.

11 thoughts on “Sick!

  1. lceel

    You just make sure you take your medicine like the Doctor says. And that means – TAKE IT ALL. When you get to feeling better, don’t stop taking your meds. If you’re getting 10 days worth of antibiotics, take ALL 10 DAYS.

    I hope I have made myself clear.

    Love you.


    lceel’s last blog post..Friday Haiku – Astro-naught

  2. LME

    hope you smell better than what you feel like!!

    B just had sinus surgery on Tues so he feels a bit of your pain…

    get well soon! 🙂

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