Show Me… Project Day 1

Robert at Thoughts of a Father is hosting a project he’s calling Show Me…

Today, Robert wants us to show our mailbox.


It’s made of sturdy plastic and has a really WIDE opening. If you look closely, you may be able to tell that part of the flag has faded because of the sun. I think it gives it character. 🙂

Our mailbox also has a lever that raises when the box is opened.


The really cool thing about this is it has a yellow sticker on the back, so you can tell from your home if the lever is up.


I never thought I’d show someone the ins and outs of my mailbox. One of the reasons I like doing these projects is the challenge of making something that’s often mundane a little more interesting.

Go visit Robert and see other people’s mailboxes. Please join the fun. Tomorrow, we’re supposed to show our kitchen. Hmmm… I so rarely use ours, so just finding it could be the REAL challenge!

15 thoughts on “Show Me… Project Day 1

  1. Dianne

    Those are great shots. It’s kind of fun to see everyone take an everyday, seemingly non-interesting item and turn it into art. I love that they’re all so unique, just like all the participants. Your angles are nice. I’d like having a wider mailbox for those packages, big envelopes, etc. 😀

    Dianne’s last blog me: mailbox

  2. Jientje

    I will be joining in later today too!
    Loved the rest of the pictures you made this week! I’ll join the challenge too, and what you said is true, it makes you look at interesting ways too photograph things!
    Very inspiring, those photo challenges!

  3. Lynn

    I agree, I would have never thought to show anyone my mailbox. Wonder what the neighbors were thinking when I was on on the ground taking pics of mine! These challenges make you look at things in a whole new way!


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