Show Me… Project Day 2

Today, as part of his Show Me… Project, Robert wants us to show him our kitchens.

We have a humble kitchen… nothing spectacular, but quite functional.

My favorite part is this window.


The photo was taken yesterday just after 5:30 p.m. I just love the light.

Toby has a favorite part of the kitchen, too: wherever the sunlight from that window happens to be hitting the floor at any given time.


Toby, apparently, is part cat. He loves resting in sunny spots, all over the house, actually.

Tomorrow’s Show Me… Project subject is our front door. Join the fun!

17 thoughts on “Show Me… Project Day 2

  1. Dianne

    Fun shots. Your dog definitely reminds me of my cat – whatever little patch of sun can be located, she’s laying in it. A window is a wonderful thing. Our last house had no window in the kitchen, which I really missed. So now I have a much greater appreciation for them. Very nice. 😀

    Dianne’s last blog me: my kitchen

  2. Robert

    I too love the light coming through. And the shadows and lines with your dog are really nice as well. Time of day makes such a huge difference in how a room looks. I’m glad to have my camera to really point this out to me. When I see with my plain eye alone I miss a lot. When I see with my photographic eye, I see so much more.

    Robert’s last blog post..Show Me…Your Kitchen

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