Show Me… Project Day 5

Today Robert wants to see our favorite view from our homes.

I love watching the moon. I often look for it in the morning when I leave for work… It makes me happy. Wherever the moon is, that’s my favorite view, particularly when I can photograph it.

So Wednesday night I shot the moon through the trees. This is the best “shot” I got. (It is darned impossible to make a tree branch move out of your shot. Just sayin’.)


Tomorrow, we’re to show something that relaxes us…

Oh, please check out Blissfully Domestic’s photography channel. Full disclosure time: I am a contributing author for the site, which recently relaunched. My first column, which was about cropping to improve viewer’s focus, was published yesterday.

12 thoughts on “Show Me… Project Day 5

  1. Gattina

    I love watching the moon too, especially when I am in another country and suddenly the half moon doesn’t lay horizontal but stands up vertically. In Egypt for exemple.

  2. Dianne

    What a lovely shot. Awhile back we came home when the moon was looking especially interesting, and I ran in the house, grabbed the tripod and headed out the back door. Yep, full-blown moon photo craziness. But I suspect you can relate. 😀

    Dianne’s last blog me: my favorite view


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