Now THAT’s more like it…

As opposed to last month’s sad story, this month at Curves I lost 1.5 pounds and 3.25 inches.

Not that you want (or need) to know all the details, but if I write them down I’LL have them when I want them again. 🙂

So for “the record,” here goes.

August 11, 2008/September 12, 2008 (total gained or lost)

Bust: 34.5 in./34 in (-0.5 in.)
Waist: 31.5 in./29.75 (-1.75 in.)
Abdomen: 38.0 in./38.0 in. (-0.0 in.)
Hips: 41.0 in./40.5 (-0.5 in.)
Thighs: 22.0 in. each/21.0 in. each (-0.0 in. each)
Arms: 11 in. each/10.5 in. each (-0.5 in.)
Weight: 140.0 lb/138.5 lb (-1.5 lb)
Body Fat% 32.90%/31.60 (-1.3%)

I can’t take these numbers as absolute truth, because different people do the measuring each month, depending on who is working. But I’m pleased to be going in the right direction.

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