Show Me… Project Day 6

Today, Mr. Robert wants us to show him something that is relaxing.

I thought about photographing a big pile of books or posting a shot from my trip to Stone Mountain to hike earlier in the week.

Then I noticed this while walking down the hall at work.


Our refurbished office has a brand spanking new flag pole.


I LOVE watching flags flutter in the breeze. I also love photographing flags. I do find it relaxing… except if I’m trying to photograph it fluttering and there’s no wind. That’s happened… no fun…


Yesterday the flag was at half-staff for Patriot Day.

Tomorrow I’m supposed to show myself… a self-portrait.

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9 thoughts on “Show Me… Project Day 6

  1. Carletta

    I remember sitting at a Sears store not long ago waiting for the clouds to be in the right place, the wind to blow at the right time – as you say it isn’t always easy.
    That middle image shows your patience and you were certainly rewarded – a great capture.

    Carletta’s last blog post.."Show Me" – Something Relaxing

  2. Robert

    These are wonderful. In my classroom I’m sure to do the flag salute each morning. We talked about why the flag was flown at half staff. I want to build a love of country for them. It’s great coming here and seeing these images.

    Robert’s last blog post..Show Me…YOU!


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