PhotoHunt: Wild



These wild blackberries grew in our yard this spring. Ed thinks he may have mowed over the patch for years not knowing they were blackberries. (Oopsie…) We let the birds eat a fair number of the berries, but it was SO COOL to know the ones we did eat were grown in our yard without any chemicals. O.k., we didn’t grow them on purpose, but… 🙂 It is the simple things in life.

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20 thoughts on “PhotoHunt: Wild

  1. Annie

    I love this! I have some wild blackberry bushes in my yard that appeared out of nowhere a few years ago. A little gift from mother nature! Wonderful photos! Happy weekend, Annie

  2. Baker Watson

    Cool. We always loved to go out and pick a few in the morning and have blackberry pie at lunch. I think I posted a pic of some back earlier in the summer, but sadly I didn’t get any pie this year, lol.

    (thanks for dropping by earlier)

    Baker Watson’s last blog post..Wild and Timid


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