Talking like a pirate…

O.k., today is Talk Like a Pirate Day. I’m not good at pirate speak, but there’s a translator that may come in handy. (If you arrrrrr like me, you prefer listening to others talk like a pirate to talking like one yoarrrrrrself. Ahem.)

For instance, “I’m glad it’s Friday,” translated into Pirate, is “I be glad ’tis Friday.”

And, “I have another post at Blissfully Domestic” is “I be havin’ another post at Blissfully Domestic.

Go take a look, will you? You’ll get to see some of Ed’s photography. He likes to take pictures of ME taking pictures, which came in quite handy in this instance.

And when you’re done over thearrrrrrrre, come back ovearrrrrr here. Arrrrrrr maybe not. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Talking like a pirate…

  1. lceel

    Arrrr, ye can tell Shannon I be havin’ a bottle o’ rum overrrrrr at my place.

    He said, “Army mateys.”
    We all wondered what the heck army mateys were.
    We were playing a word game where others had to guess the word on the card you were holding. You had to give clues.
    What he should have said was, ‘AARRR!! Me Mateys!’
    His word was “Pirates”.

    lceel’s last blog post..One Year Later – The Kid – Part 9


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