PhotoHunt: Road


I was having trouble with this one. I liked this photo of the railroad tracks, but wasn’t sure that the word “road” being in it really qualified it. (What does “qualify” mean, really, though, for the PhotoHunt?) So I looked up the word “road” at and found this as definition 4: railway.

So there you are. 🙂

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14 thoughts on “PhotoHunt: Road

  1. Patsy

    It seems with photohunter you can be a creative as you want with the theme. At least I hope so because my take is very different this week. (Or at least for me it is way out of the box.) I love this photo of the railroad. With curves in a photo you are always left wondering — what is around that bend?

    Patsy’s last blog post..Photo Hunter — Road

  2. Baker Watson

    Cool photo. Railroads tracks have always reminded me of far away destinations as though you could just step onto them and be whisked away to see wonders you had never dreamed of.



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