Ramblings about Ramblings by Reba

When I started this blog over at Blogger, I called the blog Random Ramblings, but the Web address was http://www.ramblingsbyreba.blogspot.com because http://www.randomramblings.blogspot.com was not available. I posted some photos, but mainly rambled at first.

I decided to move my blog to its own domain at the end of January, in part because I WAS doing more photo “stuff” and wanted a bit more flexibility for my photos and the other “stuff.” While I was at it, I changed the blog’s name.

Now, some weeks MOST of my posts are photo-driven… or just plain photos.

In many ways, I don’t think this is bad. I express myself far more — and far better — with photos than I ever thought would be possible. Writing has always been my thing. That I’ve shown an affinity for photography shocks me, even as friends and family are starting to ask for photo sessions and prints of my work and advice more and more.

On the other hand, sometimes I think I spend more time SHOWING OFF my photos than I do SHOWING my photos in the context of something else. For instance, more often than not, I’ll save photos for Weekly Winners or a photo for Wordless Wednesday, rather than just putting them up when the mood strikes.

I’m going to try to do better about telling my story through photos rather than just showing my photos… because I feel like I’m missing out by not telling my stories. I may never have children or grandchildren to show this blog to… but I want to be able to look at it in a few years and have it be a good reflection of the pieces that make up my life.

And I hope YOU’LL be with me then, too. 🙂

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