My bloggy weekend…

I had a wonderful time at Blissdom ’08. I met bloggy friends and made some new ones, whom I’ll be visiting in the days to come.

Here are a few photos to tell the story of our trip…

After Ed drove me to Secret Agent Mama’s on Friday, their family (minus their daughter who stayed with a friend) and I got an EARLY start Saturday morning.

The scary thing is I’d already been up about 25 minutes by this time.

After a nap in the car, I woke up to this beautiful sight.


This is Colleen, my bloggy friend from Mommy Always Wins, and Kat from Sassy Irish Lassie, who I’d not read before, but whom I was glad to meet. 🙂


Four of our lovely and talented speakers (Karla of Looking Towards Heaven, Robin of Pensieve, Alli of Mrs. Fussypants and Jennifer from Playgroups are No Place for Children. And you can see Lotus from Sarcastic Mom‘s head is at the bottom of the frame. 🙂


Jessie Baylin, an up-and-coming artist who performed on Jimmy Kimmel Live last week, performed for us at lunch. I enjoyed her and am looking forward to listening to her CD, which we received in our goodie bag.


I thought it was SO cool that Dawn from Alex Year Two knitted much of the day while listening to speakers. I don’t read her blog as a regular read, but I read it often enough to be able to immediately notice that Alex is as cute in real life as he is on the Internet. 🙂


Our friends at Epson, who sponsored the event with the One2One network, treated us so well. (Hi, Barbara at One2One!) They even treated us to an absolutely fabulous dinner. Sadly, I was too busy eating to take photos.

When I got back to the hotel, I fell asleep in a hurry. The bed was so comfortable, and I took a photo when I got up this morning.


We hit the road about 9:30 a.m., and headed homeward. Ed picked me back up near the Secret Agent Family’s house. After another hour and a half’s drive, we got home about 5:30, at which point I collapsed on the sofa. That face wasn’t effected for purposes of the photo.


It really was a great weekend. But guys? I’m EXHAUSTED. For real. I don’t think I’d be up for something as long — or as BIG — as the BlogHer conference. And the next Blissfully Domestic conference (dates to be announced next month) won’t be this small an affair. But if I can make going happen, I will. I learned a LOT! And did I mention it was fun?

Because it was.

Now I’m off to collapse on the sofa again. Bedtime is SOON!

Edited on 10/21/08 to add:

I’ve now uploaded the “fit to print” photos at Flickr:

15 thoughts on “My bloggy weekend…

  1. Jen

    It looks and sounds like you had a wonderful time! I have to admit, one of these days I would love to meet some my bloggy friends in person… some day I suppose!!!

    Jen, it really was fun. It was hard to believe that I’d never actually met ANYONE there… 🙂

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