A sharp dressed woman


Doesn’t this woman look like someone who has it (whatever “it” is) together?

Well, that woman is me, and the suit is one of the items I bought during the day all about me a couple of weeks ago.

I most certainly do NOT have “it” all together (really who does?), but I’m working harder at dressing the part. Recently, I’ve started watching “What Not To Wear.” The clothes and the haircut and the makeup really aren’t the point. The person realizing they’re WORTH all that stuff — and, even more, deserving of wonderful, wonderful things in life — is the point.

I’m slowly learning that I am.

8 thoughts on “A sharp dressed woman

  1. LME

    LOoking great!

    Toss is a splash of color with a bright (but flattering) camisole and *WOw* it’t a whole new outfit (can’t beat 2-in-1’s).

    But PLEASE don’t come check out what I wear…They would eat me for lunch on WNTW!! 🙂


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