Stellan will LIVE!

In August, I told you about a baby named Stellan. His mom was less than 25 weeks pregnant with him, and he was VERY sick.

Stellan’s mother will deliver him via C-section tomorrow. She’s 37 weeks pregnant, and the C-section has been planned for the last several weeks. Over those weeks, Stellan has improved dramatically. Doctors say it’s possible that this baby won’t need ANY medical intervention for his heart, the same heart that was so badly damaged that doctors held out virtually no hope for his survival. However, his medical condition won’t be more fully known until he’s born. Doctors really have NO idea what’s going to happen.

His parents believe that, no matter what tomorrow and the days ahead bring, Stellan WILL live through life in Jesus Christ. I share this belief. Even so, their desire is for Stellan to live on earth for many, many years. Please join with Stellan’s family and friends (both real-life and bloggy) and me in praying for this amazing baby, his mama and the rest of the family.

And keep an eye out for updates over at Stellan’s mother’s blog.

6 thoughts on “Stellan will LIVE!

  1. Sandy Hildenbrand

    Praying for that precious baby boy and McMama for a wonderful delivery and glorious meeting!!
    Sandy In Va


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