Our trip to the Zoo…

Ed and I went to Zoo Atlanta yesterday with some friends. It was a COLD day (high temperature in the 40s), and a lot of the animals weren’t out when we got there. But slowly but surely many of them emerged.


The focus on this is a little… um… soft. Between my having vertigo and the cold, manual focus wasn’t fun… and not so easy at times. Still, I liked how that eye peered out.


I loved the abstract nature of this one. I got some non-abstracts of this creature (which I think is an alligator), but this was my favorite.








We ended up buying a season pass, so we’ll be able to go a few times when the weather is warmer.

These are also my Weekly Winners for the week. Go see Lotus at Sarcastic Mom for more weekly winners.

14 thoughts on “Our trip to the Zoo…

  1. Annie

    I love the first turtle one – so awesome!

    I really love the zoo – is that the baby panda? I went in May of ’07 when it was still a fairly new baby and got some really cool shots…

  2. Rebecca

    Annie, isn’t that turtle fun?

    I’m not sure if that was the baby or not… it was SO cold out there that the little guys and gals weren’t moving around much when we were there. (It did warm up a bit more later.) Seriously, that was the BEST shot of the panda I got. 🙂


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