I have vertigo.

After feeling increasingly more and more dizzy for a couple of weeks, I finally got myself to the doctor on Friday. (I’d been going through some medication changes, which can have dizziness as a symptom, so waiting wasn’t as silly as it might sound.) The doctor, seeing nothing wrong with my ears, nose, and throat (my usual suspects) and after asking a few questions about the nature of my dizziness, said I have vertigo. He suspects the vertigo is the result of a virus that just needs to run its course.

So he gave me a prescription for something that’s supposed to help with the dizziness. For the attendant headaches, I’m taking ibuprofen.

Except today I’m more dizzy than I was yesterday or the day before. Erg.

I called in to work sick and have spent all but about 2.5 hours since 5 p.m. yesterday in bed asleep.

I still feel really dizzy, so I’ll probably head back to bed soon. I’m hoping a day at home doing nothing BUT resting will make working possible.

If I’m still feeling dizzy tomorrow, Ed’s going to drive me to work. It’s important I work, because we have less than three weeks before we send the biggest issue of the year to the printer. Thankfully (pardon the pun), because of the Thanksgiving holiday it’s a short week. Still, I’d appreciate any prayers you can send my way. While it’s likely POSSIBLE for me to work feeling the way I do, I know it won’t be altogether pleasant.

7 thoughts on “Vertigo!

  1. LME

    Sorry you’re feeling so dizzy–yuck!
    When you are better, you ought to check out Hitchcock’s old movie with James Stewart–Vertigo–we enjoyed it, but then again I’ve never experienced it. 😦

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